Join our panel! NOT!

Written by
Bill Shapard
January 1, 1970

I'm probably not going to make any friends among my colleagues in the market research industry by writing this, but I believe that the current trends of how other market research firm recruit for focus groups is wrong, and giving the good use of focus groups a bad name.

Each marketing research focus group company has a database, which stores the names and demographic information of potential focus groups participants like you. You just need to visit the paid focus group websites and submit your information to them.

The dirty secrets of the research industry: I don't seem to be alone in speaking out.  Another researcher from Mindwave Research, Jonathan Hilland, feels exactly the same way.'ve learned that the best focus groups or panels isn't from the people that got themselves on, but those we put on the panel.It undermines even the word 'recruitment' when a person, who is purposely seeks out panels to join for the cash, can get themselves there. Here at ShapardResearch, recruitment means something different to us.

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