SoonerPoll Quarterly Poll

SoonerPoll Quarterly
August 16, 2011

SoonerPoll (a brand of Shapard Research) has initiated a quarterly poll that is available for organizations and associations across Oklahoma to utilize.  This is an excellent method for your organization or clients to take advantage of the power of public opinion in a cost effective manner.

Whether you seek to influence elected officials, inform your membership of public opinion regarding their industry or issues, or prepare a strategic plan for the next year, public opinion can be a powerful tool.  Here are a few examples of what participants in a couple of our recent quarterly polls learned:

  • Oklahomans favor creating a tax credit scholarship program to allow greater choice in education.
  • Oklahomans favor creating an expert committee charged with consolidating Oklahoma school districts.
  • Oklahomans are overwhelmingly confident in the strength of Oklahoma Banks.
  • Oklahomans strongly support utilizing natural gas as our primary means for generating electricity.
  • A majority of Oklahomans support eliminating the franchise tax on small businesses.

In addition to getting the absolute best public opinion research from Oklahoma’s most trusted firm, you are also able to take advantage of our relationship with Oklahoma’s media.  Through an exclusive arrangement with the Oklahoma Press Association, SoonerPoll is now able to share your results (should you choose to do so) with media outlets statewide in an easy-to-use format.

There is simply no reason not to contact us today and see how we can put the power of public opinion to work for you.

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