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Our Greatest Strength is Who We Are

In the field of market research, ShapardResearch specializes, first and foremost, in data collection by using our own call center. In doing so, we are able to control the entire research process from start to finish, reduce errors and bias better than other firms, and produce a more reliable data sample. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not outsource any of our data collection. Every interviewer is chosen, trained and supervised by us. And we monitor every step of the research project to ensure that our high standards of accuracy and professionalism are maintained throughout. This high standard of data collection also extends to focus groups, intercept studies, mail surveys, as well as web-based research.

OUr Philosophy

More than just a three ring binder on presentation day.

Because we take a personal view of each project, our clients can be confident that our research is more than just a ‘three ring binder’ on presentation day. They can be confident that what our staff has assembled in that ‘three ring binder’ is the culmination of closely watched and gathered information. Information can be vital to the growth and future decisions of clients. Our staff takes what we do very seriously. At ShapardResearch we know that it is important that we do our job right; that is why we do it and we are involved in every element of it and leave nothing to a third party.

Our Team

Meet Our Team of Market Research Experts

Offering many research tools at our disposal to derive the best results for our clients requires employing the best research tool operators! ShapardResearch’s team provides ultimate flexibility because a full-service operation involves full-service personnel. We work within a very functional and cohesive culture that acts as a single unit instead of a series of departments. Our team provides years of research and individual specialty in ways that compliment each other to get the best results for our clients. We have a passion for giving the public a voice and allowing clients to lend an ear to such valuable customer insight.

Bill Shapard Jr., PRC

Founder & CEO

Bill Shapard is the Founder and CEO of ShapardResearch, a full service market research firm located in Oklahoma City. He is a Customer Experience (CX) expert, and customer and employee engagement strategist for some of Oklahoma's biggest companies. Mr. Shapard is certified as a PRC, a professional researcher at the expert level by the Market Research Association (MRA).

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