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Many businesses and organizations use intercept interviews to gauge visitor satisfaction and customer satisfaction when that particular population is difficult to isolate. Intercept interviews are especially helpful due to the immediacy of the customer’s experience with the organization. Often called an exit interview, this marketing research data collection method benefits from the respondent’s ability to recount details of their experience, which is still fresh in their mind.

Intercept interviews are often used to gauge visitor satisfaction regarding events and attractions. For example, ShapardResearch has conducted intercept interviews for home and garden shows, sporting events, and museums. Intercept interviews are also used by retail businesses to gauge satisfaction regarding customers’ experience with the business or to gauge people’s likelihood of using a new location; for example, ShapardResearch has conducted intercept interviews for banks to gauge the likelihood of people using a new branch location.

ShapardResearch has the largest fieldwork operation in the state of Oklahoma.

What are Intercept Interviews?

A quantitative data collection method, also often called exit interviews, in which visitors or customers are interviewed immediately after their experience with a business or organization.

ShapardResearch handles all aspects of intercept interviews, including questionnaire design, data collection, and analysis of results. We work closely with clients to identify critical information needs and design intercept interviews that will best inform business or organizational decisions.

Here is an overview of several types of intercept data collection that we can use:

New handheld technologies like the iPad have opened a new chapter in intercept research data collection in just the last few years. Now, ShapardResearch can utilize its large fieldwork operation in multiple locations, all collecting data and reporting the analyzed results to our clients in real time.

While this technology is readily available to market research firms and the public alike, the challenge of implementing its usage relies on a well trained and managed data collection fieldwork operation which most firms do not have and must subcontract out for. New technologies in the hand of poorly trained and managed subcontractors is still stone age research.

Using touch-screen polling, ShapardResearch takes your poll directly to its market.

Used on its own or in conjunction with more traditional research methods, touch-screen polling can be a time-saving and cost-effective method for gauging the opinions and preferences of your study’s target group. It’s a service few researchers can provide, making it just one more reason to let the experts at ShapardResearch manage your organization’s Oklahoma research project.

These kiosks are small and sleek in size. They offer innovative technology unmatched by the competition. ‘Unmatched’ may be an inappropriate adjective because the reality is that there is NO competition in kiosk research!

Using a traditional clipboard and paper intercept instrument is sometimes still the best client solution even given today’s technology. Whether using this method for the entire research project or to supplement other research, ShapardResearch can develop a scannable paper intercept instrument fielded by our own staff to reach your target audience.

While this technology has been a part of research for a long time, where we differ is in having the in-house capability to design an instrument that we can scan after fielding to get you, the client, quick, accurate results.

Why Conduct Intercept Interviews?

Some marketing research companies specialize in a particular methodology, and tend to recommend that method for any or all situations. ShapardResearch picks marketing research methods depending on the information needed by our clients or the decisions our clients are making. Intercept interviews are an ideal methodology for businesses and organizations to identify:

  • Improvements and changes customers would like to see.
  • Customers’ or visitors’ perceptions of and satisfaction with a business or organization.
  • Customer reaction to an organization’s future plans.

Intercept interviews are an appropriate method for answering quantitative questions, such as:

  • How large are different market segments within a geographic region?
  • What is the demographic profile of my customers?
  • If customers buy my new product or use my new service, what income is likely to be generated in a year?

Surveys are designed to represent the opinions, needs, and behaviors of whole populations. It is important to note, however, that by definition, intercept interviews use a convenience or non-random sample. Therefore, results may not fully reflect the characteristics of all customers.

Markets are constantly changing, and even if you know how visitors are likely to react to specific aspects of the events and attractions you offer, intercept interviews can be helpful in identifying new opportunities as well as potential problems that might not be apparent from your perspective as a business or organizational leader.

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