Asking questions you already know the answer to, starts where?

Bill Shapard Jr., PRC
December 7, 2020

It's starts with pretrial research. Here's a quick and dirty list of what to expect from presenting to a focus group of juror participants:

  1. learn attitudes
  2. learn opinions
  3. learn biases
  4. learn notions
  5. lean what's believable
  6. get ideas for discovery
  7. get ideas for strategy
  8. test the legal story
  9. test the experts
  10. test the experts' opinions
  11. test the other side's story(ies)
  12. test the visuals, demonstratives
  13. test your own platform skills
  14. ferret out the landmines
  15. learn all the ways you can (or might) lose your case
  16. learn whether you should even file a lawsuit
  17. value of the case
  18. whether alternative dispute resolution is feasible
  19. ideas for direct and cross examination
  20. learn who's a good witness and who's not
  21. witness preparation
  22. learn what a jury might reward
  23. whether and how to go to battle
  24. and so on.

Did I leave any out?  Comment below or email me what we should add to the list.

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Bill Shapard Jr., PRC
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