Three secrets to make your Customer Loyalty initiatives successful

Written by
Bill Shapard
September 21, 2011

Shapard Research’s Customer Loyalty Management system incorporates an organization-wide framework designed to make sure that your customer loyalty initiatives are both proactive and relevant. In order for this infrastructure to be successful strategically, customer loyalty initiatives must adhere to three essential maxims of loyalty management.

1.       Foster organization-wide Involvement

2.       Engagement at the Executive level

3.       Involvement at the Employee level

Foster organization-wide Involvement

In order for an organization to have successful customer loyalty initiatives, they must implement a comprehensive infrastructure that allows for every facet of the organization to collaborate and share data in real time.  Shapard Research’s Customer Loyalty Management system provides its clients the ability to consolidate data into a unified vision that serves as a guide for how to act upon the information in the future.In order to accomplish this goal long held business practices may need to be altered. To achieve a level of collaboration that is required to increase organizational efficiency, one must first change the culture from an organization developed around a product to an organization designed around the customer experience.Becoming a customer experience driven organization allows all the facets of the organization to be aligned under one goal.  This means that the Customer Loyalty Management initiatives no longer compete with the product initiative; they are both tools to be used for the goal of customer satisfaction and further profits.

Engagement at the Executive level

An organization cannot become a customer experience driven operation without first conveying the financial importance of Customer Loyalty Management to decision makers throughout the organization.  To get the most of out of customer loyalty initiatives, organizations may need to develop a CEO level position devoted to relaying the benefits of Customer Loyalty to lower level decision makers.The creation of a C-Level position with oversight of over customer loyalty management will develop a unifying message, a single point of accountability, and signify the importance of the customer experience.

Involvement at the Employee level

Even the best Customer loyalty strategies will fail if the lower-level employees are not enthusiastic about the process.  That is why one of the key responsibilities of the customer loyalty management team would be to study the way that employees relate with customers. Once the team determines what factors stand in the way of great employee-customer interaction, Shapard Research can help the organization develop an employee measuring system that reflects the findings. Numerous studies have revealed that employee performance is directly related to how employees are evaluated.  Making a few changes to the way employees are measured develops a customer experience driven evaluation that gives employees a real initiative to be enthusiastic about the organization’s customer loyalty management goals.

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