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Waste and Recycling Research

Elevate Your Waste Management Strategy

Propel Your Growth with Expert Insights in Waste Management

Discover the ShapardResearch difference. Harness our 20+ years of industry-specific experience to overcome challenges and unlock new growth avenues in waste management.

Leverage our engagement with key stakeholders and scientifically-backed research to streamline your operations. We convert raw data into actionable strategies, propelling your decision-making and boosting your bottom line.

Before you change their waste collection plan, get their input.

Research Methodologies

Comprehensive Research Methods for Solid Insights

At ShapardResearch, we blend quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to ensure a 360-degree understanding of your community's waste and recycling needs.

From large-scale data collection to detailed focus groups, our approach is designed to uncover profound insights that drive effective strategy formation.

Why choose ShapardResearch?

More than just a three ring binder on presentation day.

Because we take a personal view of each project, our clients can be confident that our research is more than just a ‘three ring binder’ on presentation day. They can be confident that what our staff has assembled in that ‘three ring binder’ is the culmination of closely watched and gathered information. Information can be vital to the growth and future decisions of clients. Our staff takes what we do very seriously. At ShapardResearch we know that it is important that we do our job right; that is why we do it and we are involved in every element of it and leave nothing to a third party.

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