20 Years of Market Research Expertise

Two decades of providing qualitative and quantitative market research to hundreds of companies nationwide.

Elevate Your Waste Management Strategy

Propel Your Growth with Expert Insights in Waste Management

Discover the ShapardResearch difference. Harness our 20+ years of industry-specific experience to overcome challenges and unlock new growth avenues in waste management.

Leverage our engagement with key stakeholders and scientifically-backed research to streamline your operations. We convert raw data into actionable strategies, propelling your decision-making and boosting your bottom line.

A Game-Changer in Qualitative Research

Introducing OrderUp.Shop, powered by ShapardResearch.

At ShapardResearch, we've always strived to bridge the gap between businesses and real-world feedback. With our decades worth of understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, we're proud to bring you our next innovation and unveil OrderUp.Shop – the future of mystery shopping.

Designed to seamlessly connect businesses with dedicated undercover shoppers, our platform offers authentic, timely, and actionable insights like never before. Whether you're a business craving honest feedback or an individual with an eye for detail seeking to monetize your shopping experiences, OrderUp.Shop is your ultimate destination. Dive into a world of transparent shopping experiences, and let's co-create the future of customer satisfaction together.

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Focus Groups

What does your target market really want? Ask them! Focus group research can be an effective tool for manufacturers, service providers, political parties, advertising agencies, attorneys and nonprofit organizations.

Data Collection

We do not outsource any portion of the market research process. While other pollsters contract out their phoning to call centers in another state, every ShapardResearch survey is carried out from our own call center in OKC.

Intercept Research

Using touch-screen polling, ShapardResearch takes your poll directly to its market. Known as Intercept research, this approach is unique in its ability to capture the opinions of hard-to-reach audiences.

Mail Surveys

We use the most cutting-edge survey tools and methods to help our clients reach their goals. The latest isn’t always the greatest, however. Sometimes, for example, there’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned mail survey.

Online Panels

The internet is a great data collection model, but can be misused by researchers because of a lack of other abilities or resources.  We use them when its appropriate and cost effective.

Mystery Shops

Research by observation, but perfected. Every single one of our shoppers are handpicked, trained, and supervised by us; no poorly-trained independent contractor found through want-ads.

Pre-trial Research

Understanding the predispositions and values of the jury deciding your case is crucial during every phase of a trial. But it doesn’t have to expense either. How are our mock trials better? Recruitment.

Advertising Research

Most research firms are ill-equipped to perform advertising research, because brand linkage and ad recall, the two most important, cannot be measured in a focus group. We have a solution.

Why choose Shapard Research?

Here's What Sets Us Apart

ShapardResearch specializes in data collection by using our own call center. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not outsource any of our data collection, allowing us to reduce errors and bias better than other firms, and produce a more reliable data sample. Every interviewer is chosen, trained and supervised by us. And we monitor every step of the research project to ensure that our high standards of accuracy and professionalism are maintained throughout.

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